Discover an exceptional natural environment around the resort

Le Sentier des Dunes de Sainte Cécile

The Sainte Cécile dunes are open for walks. A circuit is accessible either via the northern end of the Boulevard de Lille, or via the Boulevard de Sainte Cécile, level with the Avenue des Courlis. More information at the tourist office.

Mont Saint Frieux

Located in Dannes, Mont Saint Frieux is made up of dunes planted on a chalky mound. The peak of Mont Saint Frieux reaches a height of 152 metres and offers an exceptional view:

  • Mountain Climb: 3 hours
  • Le Sentier du Chablis: 2 hours
  • Le Sentier de la Pomme d'Or: 30 minutes
  • Le Circuit de la Dune Côtière: 2 hours
  • Le Circuit de la Dune Vive: 1 hour
  • Le Circuit des Fourrés: 30 minutes

Canche Bay Nature Reserve

The reserve is made up of a series of large ecological units. Discover *La Boucle aux Signaux: 1.5 hrs *La Boucle du Tadorne: 2 hours * Le Sentier des Molières: 1 hour return

The Rohart domain

Located to the north of Canche Bay, the Rohart domain is a preserved natural site of a dozen kilometres integrated at the heart of a complex of remarkable natural spaces....

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